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Archive for January 9th, 2008

Arkansas- Between South and Mid-West

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Arkansas has been a center of tourism. This has been around the varied hunting of wildlife that is available in Arkansas, as well as some key natural sites. The caves and caverns of the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas are world famous. This creates extensive business opportunities in setting up tourist facilities from upscale hotels to cabins and camping out in the woods facilities. In the southwest portion of the state are the Blanchard Springs Caverns. These caves have been largely explored with walkways and illumination. The actual tours of the caves are run by the National Parks Service, but there are extensive other tourist facilities nearby. For example, about a 15 minute drive away, in Mountain View, Arkansas is the Ozark Folk Center. There are traditional music and dance performances and also demonstration of age-old crafts of the mountains, such as blacksmithing, pottery making and basket weaving.

Arkansas has also been known for its hunting. For many, it is the duck hunting capital of the world, or at least of North America. There is much wildlife in the state of Arkansas on millions of acres of public land. If you are planning an Arkansas hunting or fishing vacation, be sure to purchase your Arkansas state hunting permit in time. There is also some big game hunting in the state with 1 million or so deer, and also elk and black bears. Of course, if you want to go into business feeding these tourist and hunting activities, the doors are wide open. Just get your Arkansas incorporation and you could set up a bait shop, for example. There is a complicated system for the bait and lures needed not only for fish, but also in the duck hunting trade. Modern guns are used in hunting, but other hunting seasons have the use of bows and arrows, muzzle loading guns and crossbows.