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How To Catch Crappie When Fishing In Arkansas

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

You don’t have to go far to look for a good place for Arkansas crappie fishing. According to anglers in the state, almost every resident in the state lives within an hour of a choice fishing spot. The state is divided into ten fishing districts, each of which is littered with lakes and rivers where schools of crappie swarm, always offering fishermen a guaranteed good catch. However, each district has its own top lake or river for Arkansas crappie fishing, where you’re sure to catch some whoppers.

In the northwest has several lakes to boast with great Arkansas crappie fishing. However, Beaver Lake is known for containing a lot of great habitat for crappie in its 28,000+ acres. Though the size of the lake may cause difficulties in locating the schools of crappie, once you find them, you shouldn’t be surprised to get several trophy-worthy slabs. Situated in the Ozarks, Beaver Lake is also a beautiful location for Arkansas crappie fishing. In the spring, you might also try Coose Creek or Esculapia Hollow in the Pine Creek area. In the northeast corner of Arkansas, crappie fishing is good. There are several large popular lakes, but it’s little Lake Hogue, hidden away in the delta farm country, that contains some of the largest slabs. This lake was completely renovated in 1985 and has been stocked with big fish that produce MORE big fish. Though it’s only about 280 acres, it’s full of great cover for crappie.