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Archive for November 22nd, 2010

Improve Your Business Networking Skills

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Business management has always been known to be a science that involved the flourish of an artist and are an essential ingredient for a businessman. The art of business networking includes your simple, effective and professional outlook on how you conduct your business with prospects. Some tips come in useful when one is learning the steps to improve business networking skills. Imagine yourself attending an important business conference. In such cases, you must prepare your agenda in advance. There are events that include starters and drinks; however you can’t expect all events to match that standard. Make sure you have had a meal to keep you energized and active and not be agonized by hunger pangs when making new business acquaintances.

Some events keep a list of attendants. Get hold of the list so that you know beforehand whom you\’d like to connect with. Then make it a point to seek out those you are most interested in getting to know. Be sure to have a conversation started when meeting them that is polite and respectful. Business networking is all about portraying a charming and professional side of your character and as such, business meetings demand proper attire. At the conference, appear polished to make a positive impact. Wear a dark colored blazer since it will mean more places for pens, cards, etc. A name badge may also be a good idea. Plan to reach the event a few minutes early so that you can gauge the kind of people around.

While honing your business networking skills, make sure you are carrying your business cards to the networking event. Some businessmen get separate cards printed specially for such events that provide the prospect with enough but not too much information. Another great tactic is to bring more than one pen to the event. It is a wonderful way to say hello to someone by lending them a much needed a pen. Break ice with strangers you meet at the business networking event with a short and casual opening statement. Focus on connecting to new contacts for business relationships and be sure to practice good networking skills so that you will remember them and they will remember you.