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Attractions to Visit in Arkansas

Little Rock

Little Rock is a city located on the south bank of the Arkansas River in Central Arkansas. It is the capital city of the state of Arkansas, USA. The City of Little Rock lies in the humid subtropical climate zone. Hence, it experiences hot, humid summers and mild winters. The average high temperature is 28°C while the average low temperature is 5°C.

Arkansas is a predominantly an agricultural state where Little Rock serves as the economic hub. Local, state and federal government are one of the major employers in Little Rock. Banks, medical facilities and other services are also integral to the economy. Some of the products manufactured in Little Rock include metals, soybeans, rice, chemicals, timber, and aircraft.


Sherwood is a suburb in the Little Rock region and is a city in the Pulaski County in the Arkansas of United States. The growth and advancement has not put an end to this small town ambiance of an ancient Old Town and unity is apparent from the community gatherings which include the city’s annual Robin Hood Festival.

Both the older and the newer part of the Sherwood town exists in perfect harmony and are enclosed by the wetlands of the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge and steep hills of productive farmland which encompass the city’s bustling roads and city center.

Sherwood is located on the Highway 99W which is between Newberg and Tigard forming a chief transportation triangle in the southern part of Washington County. The ideal location helps in making it easy for office goers to commute till Portland for work and come back to the serene and tranquil Sherwood.


Arkadelphia city is located in Clark County of Arkansas of United States. The strategic location of this city at the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations.

The place was inhabited by John Hemphill who was a operator of a nearby salt works that was the first industry in Arkansas. The city’s name is derived from Blakelytown till 1839. After the settlement the present name was formed on the basis Ark- taken from the state’s name Arkansas and Adelphia from Philadelphia. Although the meaning of this whole word is “the arc of brotherly love”

Arkadelphia has many recreational activities too with parks and pavilions and basket ball courts. The city is also a home to rich educational background. This city has two universities and a very good public school system. All these make Arkadelphia a better place to settle own as well as spending a leisure vacation.


The Arkansas State in the United States has the Polk County in which there is a city called as Mena. This city was established by Arthur Edward Stilwell while the Gulf Railroad (Kansas City Southern) and Kansas City, Pittsburg were being constructed. Stillwell’s primary investor was Jan de Goeijen. His wife’s name was Mena Janssen de Goeijen after whom this city is named. The elevation of this city is 1,171 feet. The gross area of this city is 6.8 square miles and out of these 0.04 square miles is covered by water while the remaining 6.7 square miles are occupied by land. Air travel is possible in this city from the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport.


Springdale is the fourth largest city in Arkansas. Home to Tyson Foods, the largest meat producing company in the world, the city has a very strong economical base. The major contributors to its economy, apart from the manufacturing industry, are real estate and the tourism industry.

The topography of this city is as diverse as its culture and economy. Due to its location in north-west Arkansas, the city is blessed with beautiful mountains, lush forests, clear lakes and parks, making it a popular tourist destination.

The pleasant climate of Springdale is another important reason for thousands of tourists to visit the city. The maximum average annual temperature is around 21°C, and the minimum average annual temperature is approximately 9°C.

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