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Arkansas: History And A Unique Experience In One

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

When it comes to natural preserves no state is more focused than Arkansas with fifty-one state parks and numerous outdoor activities for travelers to choose from. Arkansas features a wide variety of lowlands and highlands along with two major mountain ranges, the Ozarks and the Quachitas. There are several good museums and cultural experiences in Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas. The central point of Little Rock is the Central High Museum and Visitors Center which showcases the history of the endeavor to stop racial segregation in public schools. The River Market downtown is an excellent place to go if you want to eat at an excellent restaurant, find entertainment or just walk around and do some shopping. For the family travelers there is the Museum and Discovery and the Children’s Museum. For the outdoor individuals there is Burns Park which is one of the largest city parts in the United States. Another excellent option for families is Gator Park which features go-karts, mini golf and other family activities.

If culture is your thing then you should visit the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock which has the largest cultural institution in the state and has exhibits located in seven different galleries. Also included is the Arkansas Museum of Art and the Arkansas Children’s Theater. For the movie buffs there is the Old Grist Mill in Little Rock. It is a full authentic reproduction of a grist mill powered by water. The actual building was built in 1933 but is designed to look like it was built in the eighteen hundreds. It is currently the only building still standing that was used in the film Gone With the Wind. For a truly unique experience you should visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Not only is this a public diamond mine but the company also lets visitors prospect for their own diamonds. If you happen to find a diamond while you are there then you get to keep it. There are even exhibits that will show you the history of diamonds in Arkansas. This is a truly unique experience that you can’t get anywhere outside of Arkansas. So if you like to visit unique attractions while traveling this is a must stop for you. No matter what your preferences you will find something to good when you are visiting Arkansas.

For a Great Time, Vacation in Arkansas!

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

You may not know that much about Arkansas, although it’s a state known as a terrific vacation spot. There are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy and for art lovers there are many theaters and galleries to visit. There is probably more to do in Arkansas than you ever imagined.

The many festivals will have you feeling like a native. One of the favorite festival types in Arkansas is the harvest, celebrating watermelons, peaches, and tomatoes. You can find great foods to whet your appetite, like steak, chili con carne, and even some ethnic foods, such as Greek. Food aficionados are sure to find their favorite delectables at Arkansas festivals.