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Where to Stay in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Eureka Springs may be a small town, but it’s got plenty of room for tourists. Millions of tourists visit Eureka Springs, and are eager to return! Don’t worry, though, there’s still room available for you and your family. There are over 3,000 motel rooms, and 125 bed and breakfast rooms, and plenty more room in all the beautiful cabins. And don’t worry about the traffic; it flows smoothly through this little town in the hills, and there’s not one stoplight to get in your way. Motorcyclists love this town! And speaking of bikers, there are plenty of “biker friendly” places to stay while you are in Eureka Springs! The Swiss Village Inn, the Statue Road Inn, and the Rodeway Inn are just a few of the many places that are more than happy to have our motorcycle friends stay in town. Bet you didn’t know that Eureka Springs, Arkansas was voted “Best in the Nation” for cities with a population under 5,000! While it’s sometimes hard to find new information on the web about this town, one visit and you’ll know why. The locals here enjoy keeping their secrets, and unveil them only to those who visit! There are so many great cabins and little inns that’s it’s hard to pick the best.

Fortunately, Eureka Springs is in an area that doesn’t get too much snow and ice, and it usually melts away pretty quickly. There’s nothing better than sitting in a hot tub on deck of your cabin and seeing the snow capped hills surround you. And if you’re not quite up for being outdoors, the Holiday Inn Express in Eureka Springs has a wonderful indoor swimming pool with glass walls and a glass ceiling! The kids absolutely love the idea of swimming when they can see a ground covered in snow right outside. There’s just something about it that is absolutely thrilling! Whether you’re looking for a multi-bedroom cabin or just a single bed Jacuzzi suite, you’ll find it in Eureka Springs. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful architecture of this town, and it extends into the lodging areas as well. Eureka Springs has been featured on “Restoring America” in 1999, and also in Architectural Digest. From the beautiful outdoor glass chapel at Thorncrown Chapel to the incredible lakefront cabin views, you’re sure to find your little piece of paradise!

Places to Stay In Arkansas in Your RV

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Arkansas – one of the most diverse places in the South, this state offers families and tourists many attractions for their vacation needs. Known as the Natural State, Arkansas has many different wilderness and outdoors activities available for tourists – from mining for diamonds and quartz, to hiking and cavern tours. In fact, an over five carat flawless canary diamond was recently found in the state! An RV (recreational vehicle) trip to Arkansas offers people touring this state the flexibility and comfort they need in order to fully enjoy a trip through this natural wonderland.

While traveling through this Arkansas state – you’ll need a place to stay. The many places to spend the night offer campers the safety and amenities they need in order to have a comfortable Arkansas vacation. There are over 200 separate public facilities and RV parks scattered through the state, so there will be sure to be a park that is near your chosen attraction. The Arkansas State Parks system offers 28 campgrounds alone, making them great choices for places to park your RV while exploring the wilderness that the Natural State has to offer.